ITV will air the second episode of Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories tonight at 10.35PM

What time is Judge Rinder's Crime Stories on ITV?

Tonight’s episode of Judge Rinder Crime Stories is the last in this series. ITV Daytime’s resident judge, Robert Rinder, returns to explore more of Britain’s worst crimes in the second series of Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories.

Used to ruling the courtroom in his own hit TV series, respected criminal defence barrister, Judge Rinder, steps out from behind the bench to take a closer look at a variety of major offences.

Crime Stories will explore reports including the infamous case of Mick Philpott, jailed for the death of six of his children, the murder of 67-year-old Rita Stephens by her own son and a gang who targeted the elderly by pretending to be the police.

Case 1:
Leicester, 1986. The body of 15-year-old Dawn Ashworth is found following her disappearance. The murder is almost identical to the killing of Lynda Mann in 1983. Detectives in charge call on the help of Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys who had just discovered the DNA fingerprint. The police obtain the killer’s DNA and the hunt is on to catch him before he can kill again.

Case 2:

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In March 2016 Jess convinces her best friend Laura to join her and members of her running club on a Monday night jog. Little did the girls know that also on the road that same night was a courier transporting a deadly package. The man loses control of his vehicle and hits the girls, leaving them fighting for their lives.

Who is Judge Rinder and is he married?

Yes, Robert Rinder, the star of ITV’s daytime courtroom show Judge Rinder is in fact gay. He married his partner Seth Cumming in a beautiful ceremony in Ibiza in July 2013. The ceremony was officiated by his friend and actor Benedict Cumberbatch at the stunning location.

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Is he a real life Judge?

He’s not actually a real life judge… But he is a barrister and knows his legal ins and outs so to speak! He worked for the 2 Hare Court law firm for 12 -years before becoming the UK’s Judge Judy…

The show airs Sunday, 13th August at 10.05PM and then on Thursday on 5STAR at 10.55 PM

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