U.S. Embassy photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

He’s consistently evaded answering whether he has leadership passions, but New York born Boris Johnson is some would argue, the most powerful Conservative politician in the land. He’s pro women, pro gay, pro-London but what else do we know about London’s gaffe prone, wild haired, Etonian.

U.S. Embassy photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
U.S. Embassy photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The three Rs… He’s pro reform, renegotiation and referendum. It’s the best way forward for the UK and Europe.

Boris would be up for Clarkson’s job and he’s a “mega” petrol head fan – but maybe being PM would be the greater choice after David Cameron suggested BJ as leader, if the Tories reach a third term in power.

He wants to crack down on illegal immigrants and wants to sort out welfare, but is also very concerned about the rise in Islamophobia. He suggests Muslim leaders need to be “clearer in denunciation of extremism”.

London is a healthier place to live, lower Nox and CO2 and PM10s and they’ve planted 1000s of trees since he’s been in power. In fact 20,000 of them were planted in the Olympic park.

Delays on London’s creaking overground network have been cut by 66%, whilst demand is up 4 times.

He chooses Ulrika Jonsson as a dance partner and loves a boogie to Ministry of Sound.


He’s all about the Living Wage. Twenty-four companies paid it when they began on the issue, now it’s 516. Major retailers you are next…

Will the youth ever be able to buy a house in London? That’s the plan. 40,000 people have already been helped in this regard.

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