It’s early for 2024 pride dates, but some UK prides have already put their dates in the diary for 2024. Luckily we’ve found a handy website which lists all the prides in the UK and their dates. Although it’s still early, there are some prides like Student Pride and Pride In London which have already announced their 2024 dates.

THE PRIDE SHOP has been keeping tabs on all of 2024’s pride events in the UK, of which there are now over 180, so you’re never far away from a pride, wherever you happen to be.


What UK Prides have announced their 2024 dates already?

So far, Student Pride, Trafford, Birmingham, Mayo, Canterbury, Cardiff, Exmouth, Essex, Luton, Portsmouth and London are some of the events that have announced their dates.

The UK tops the list in Europe for the number of prides in one country, and comes second, only to the US in the world for the number of prides.

Pride Dates for 2024 have already been announced by some committees.
Pride Dates for 2024 have already been announced by some committees.

What month do most prides take place?


The majority of the UK’s prides take place in July and August, although like the majority of the world Pride Month is celebrated in June and LGBTQ+ history month is observed at the beginning of the year in February.

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Who organises pride in the UK?

Most prides are organised by volunteers in their local areas. There are a few prides which are organised by companies, larger organisations or even local authorities. There is no one main organiser, although many prides are a member of the UK Pride Organisers Network.

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