A school in Nottinghamshire has been found to be “inadequate” after Ofsted found it lacking in several areas, including the discovery that homophobic bullying was taking place and had become “normalised” creating an unsafe space for LGBT+ students studying at the school.

The Brunts Academy in Mansfield was found to “require improvement” according to Ofsted. The report stated,


“Some pupils feel unsafe. They are concerned about the disrespectful behaviour of others. Pupils experience swearing and derogatory language, including sexualised and homophobic language. They say this has become normalised. Pupils do not always report their concerns to staff. They lack confidence that staff will resolve issues, including about bullying.

“Some pupils do not enjoy school as much as they should. Many pupils express unhappiness about access to, and the condition of, the school’s toilet facilities.

Previously the school had been rated “good”.


In 2017 a study by the University of Cambridge found that 45% of gay students face homophobic bullying. Among gay pupils, 45% have encountered bullying, primarily in the form of insults or gossip. However, 7% reported experiencing physical attacks, and 4% reported receiving “death threats.”

The school which is run by the Greenwood Academies Trust has 1474 pupils and was inspected in late November 2022.

The role of Ofsted

Ofsted stands for the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. It is a non-ministerial government department in the United Kingdom responsible for inspecting and regulating schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. Ofsted’s primary role is to evaluate and report on the quality of education and services provided by these institutions to ensure that they meet the standards and requirements set by the government.

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Ofsted inspections assess various aspects of education and care, including the quality of teaching, the effectiveness of leadership and management, the overall student or learner experience, and safeguarding and child protection measures. These inspections play a crucial role in holding educational institutions accountable and helping parents, students, and the public make informed decisions about where to access education and childcare services.

In addition to schools and colleges, Ofsted also inspects and regulates other services related to children and young people, such as early years childcare providers, adoption and fostering agencies, and children’s social care services. Ofsted’s findings and reports are made available to the public and contribute to ongoing efforts to improve the quality of education and services for children and learners in the UK.

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