Fancy a numb bum?

There are loads of numbing lubes on the market, but which is the best and why might you use a numbing lube for anal sex?

Is anal sex a real pain in the ass – literally and figuratively? Then anal numbing lube might be the way forward for you as it can help with numbing your hole and the rectum, but it does come with a warning – as a numb bum doesn’t give you the full picture of what’s going on down there. So be warned.

So what’s numbing lube good for?

Well, as the name suggests numbing lube numbs any area of skin in which it comes in contact. It does this with specific ingredients. These ingredients help mask pain to some extent. This means that if you’re using a large toy or taking a cock, any pain that you usually experience would be dulled, in most cases. However, it doesn’t actually fix the issue of why stretching your hole out is painful. If you’re feeling pain it could be that you’re not relaxed, that there’s an actual medical issue or the toy you’re using is just too damn big.

It’s important to note that numbing lube doesn’t relax the muscles in and around your anus – and relaxation is the actual key to enjoyable anal sex and not causing considerable damage.

This is important because you don’t want to cause trauma to the area – like a rip or tear. Nobody wants to end up in ER or have to undergo surgery for a severely damaged ass.

What does numbing lube feel like?

What does numbing lube feel like?
Numbing lube can feel quite strange, however, it should successfully numb the ass. Some are more successful than others and they use a wide variety of numbing ingredients.

It all depends on the brand you use, some may leave a tingly or warming feeling, and some may leave a cold feeling around your glory hole. The numbing effect usually takes up to 10 minutes to work, so don’t start ramming (actually never start by ramming) anything up your hole until the area is nicely numbed.

Once you have the feeling that the area is dulled, start with a finger or a small toy to get your ass used to opening up a little, you can find out more advice on taking a big toy or dick here. Just because the skin has been numbed it doesn’t mean that the anal muscles are relaxed, so you should really spend some time on getting your ass ready and relaxed – then the ramming can begin!

After a while, you might feel a strange sensation, I would describe it as a heaviness inside. Perhaps it feels like you need the loo, but don’t actually have anything in there to pass.

Is using Numbing Lube safe?

A word to the wise before going down the numbing lube path, you might want to take heed from Doctor Evan Goldstein of Bespoke Surgical who gave a warning against the use of numbing gels or lubes – especially if you’re planning to take something huge up your ass. He said the problem with the numbing lube is that if you’re doing damage to yourself, you might not feel it.

He said, “A lot of people are using numbing lubricants or poppers or other to relax, and the reality of that, is that it leads to injury because a lot of people don’t feel the trauma happening”.

But as long as you’re aware of this factor, you should be okay.

So what numbing lubes actually work?

Well, I’ve road-tested a few different types of numbing lubes in my time, the two that stick out for me are the Anal-Eze and Eros Fisting Gel. Anal-Eze contains the active ingredient Lidocaine, which is a topical analgesic. Eros uses Polidocanol which is another local anaesthetic. Numbing agents can have side effects so it’s best to always check which active anaesthetic ingredients are being used in your lubes.

I found Eros to be quite effective in numbing my ass. However, after an hour or so I did experience an uncomfortable feeling of needing to poop – despite being fully douched and nothing ‘up there.’ I see that other users of this brand have also complained about this slightly strange and unsettling feeling.

Anal-Eze also does a good job of numbing. It is a smaller tube, but a little goes a long way. It would be best to use this lube in conjunction with another lube – like a silicone lube.

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