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5 guys give their best advice about taking the D

When this guy asked “aren’t I supposed to be used to it by now?” these guys shared their advice about bottoming.


One guy took to Reddit to ask why he was having trouble bottoming. Despite trying “lots of times” he still didn’t feel like he was getting used to it.

So he asked the Internet and well, the Internet responded.

Ease into it with plenty of foreplay. It helps if your top can eat you out for awhile, which coaxes the sphincter to relax. Start with a (lubed) finger, then two, before finally taking the guy’s cock. Concentrate on relaxing, as the instinct is going to be to tighten up (especially if you’re relatively new to bottoming). VIA

This old whore has been all the way around the gay block. Things that make it easier. Poppers, beers, weed, coke, crystal, music, mood and mental gymnastics. The real first hurdle to get over is the mental block of something going up through the sphincter and the fear of the abnormal stretch. A relaxed position and a meditative attitude towards releasing control of the muscles is key. Use deep breathing and try to disconnect your focus on your asshole and release control. VIA


If you’re not into it, just don’t do it. VIA

I’ve had many c**ks in my time and I still find the experience uncomfortable, as a lot of men prefer to do it doggy style or in the missionary position (which I find extremely painful). But if the guy doesn’t mind about the position, then straddling him, together with poppers and lube, helps me to actually enjoy the experience. VIA


Not every gay man likes to do anal, no biggie. VIA


Importantly, if you don’t enjoy the act of bottoming then don’t feel pressured to do it. Gay porn has given most of us wild, unrealistic expectations for ourselves and what we should be able to achieve, but life isn’t porn and sex on film isn’t the same as sex in real life.

Also if you’re thinking about numbing lube, you might want to check out what this doctor said about it.




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