Amir Khan has just entered the Celebrity jungle with a whole host of other stars but what do we know about him and what is he famous for?

Is Amir Khan gay?

Khan, 30 is a world champion boxer having won 31 of his 35 fights – 19 of which won with a Knock Out (KO)

Is Amir Khan gay or does he have a girlfriend?

Nope, Amir Khan isn’t gay or bisexual as far as we know. He is, however, married to his wife, Faryal Makhdoom. They married in a lavish wedding in New York at the historic Waldorf Astoria. They married in 2013. Together they have a daughter.

After his first ever trial in the jungle, some social media users wrote homophobic slurs directed towards Khan, because he was scared of snakes.

How old is Amir Khan?

Amir Khan was born in 1986. He turned 30 this year. Outside his boxing career Khan has also been a presenter for Channel 4. He fronted a TV programme called, Amir Khan’s Angry Young Men, which aimed to help troubled men by using the discipline of boxing to stay clear of crime.

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Where was Amir Khan born?

Amir was born in Manchester, England.

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