I mean, come on who hasn't?

One of the UK’s biggest pop stars, Will Young has gone on the record to admit to using nudey mags to “pleasure” himself.

Writing about his struggle to accept his sexuality, in his new memoir, To Be A Gay Man, the singer admitted that using gay porn magazines was part of the process of coming to terms with being gay. He said that he bought the magazines from newsagents “under a veil of guilt and shame.”

Will Young was the first winner of Pop Idol back in 2002. The day after he won the competition his sexuality became front-page news and was splashed across all the tabloid press in the UK.

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“It took me a few weeks to build up my courage, but one day I went in and purchased three of these magazines,” Will describes in the memoir.

“As I went up to the till, the feeling of dread I had was almost overpowering.”

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“I felt as though something awful was going to happen [like] the shopkeeper would make some comment or judgement, and people in the shop would point and stare at me.”

In his book he explains that he would take the mags into the train’s toilet and knock one out, before throwing the magazine away, ensuring “that there was no evidence.”


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This, according to the singer, became a thing.

He continued, “Slowly, I was finding my own sexuality through these magazines,

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“The interesting thing was that it was done very much in secret and under a veil of guilt and shame, yet it was happening.”

Will Young’s memoir is out now, order now from Waterstones.

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