Is now not a good time to rub one out?

When is too much masturbation, too much?


Okay, regardless of what any survey says – guys masturbate. Most of them. And, apparently it’s good for you to, studies have shown that.  It won’t make you go blind – unless you pull a Coco Peru in Trick.


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When is too much… too much?

So some guys wank once a week, some one a day, some are completely fanatical about it and spend all day at it – no joke. A stay-at-home-house-husband friend of mine is basically at it ALL DAY. Lucky sod.

So how much is too much?

Nurse specialists, Jake and Jenna from the sexual health clinic at 56 Dean Street told us,

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“We should start by saying that masturbation is perfectly normal and almost everyone has had a go at some point. How often you decide to “wax your dolphin” is completely up to you and you shouldn’t feel you need to try and stop. There isn’t a limit to how frequently you masturbate, other than how often you feel like doing it or want to do it.

“Overall there are no adverse affects from masturbating and if it’s something you enjoy then I think you should go for it”.

So basically as long as you’re having fun… keep on, keeping on…

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