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Strong financial footing!

According to research some people are netting up to £60,000 selling pictures of their toes.

For sure online shopping has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic as people find themselves restricted due to lockdowns, but who have thunk that old shoes, underwear and even pictures of your feet are feeding a new obsession. was curious to find out how much money people can make by selling personal items online and what personal items people are searching to buy most.

The most searched for personal item to buy is ‘used panties’, with a whopping 74,610 people searching to buy worn undergarments online in the last year!

This number has noticed a 3% increase from July 2019 until July 2020, with more people eager to… ‘recycle’

How much can you make from selling your used panties online? found out the average price for 1 item is £20, so if you were to provide your services to all the people searching to buy the item online, you could become a millionaire! More exactly, you are looking at earning approximately £1.5 million/year. 9 to 5 who?

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Second on the list for the most searched for personal items to buy are ‘used shoes’, with 15,210 people searching for them yearly. Considering that the average selling price for used shoes is £27, you are looking at earning almost half a million pounds from this business!

Feet pictures land in third place, with 12,950 potential buyers per year, which can earn the seller a whopping £64,750/year! The best month to start your business is May according to Google searches, as this is when most people searched to buy feet pictures online.

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Flushing money down the drain!

There’s cash in the bush… Could yours get a good price? (C) FRESHMEN

If you are looking to trim down your pubic or armpit hair, you might want to consider selling it instead of flushing it down the drain. From July 2019 until July 2020, 260 people searched online to buy pubic hair, whilst 130 were interested in purchasing armpit hair.

Simultaneously, if you are going to the salon to get your nails done, you might want to ask the technician to put the clippings in a bag for you to takeaway, as almost 1,000 people would be interested in buying clipped toe nails!

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