Man gets penis stuck in wedding ring for 48 hours

Sometimes you just got to see how it feels…

CREDIT: YouTube / DailyVideoDoes


A man in China managed to get this penis stuck in a wedding ring for 48 hours and had to call the emergency services to get the metal band off.

He apparently stuck his Johnson into the ring and then panicked after he couldn’t get it out – after TWO days. The pain became so unbearable he was forced to call for medical help.

CREDIT: YouTube / DailyVideoDoes


After calling for help it was the FIREFIGHTERS who turned up first. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to remove the ring. It wasn’t until was shifted to a hospital where the professionals were finally able to snap the ring off, over an hour later.


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The poor man was unable to speak spent the majority of the time covering his face has they tampered with his tackle.

Ah! The relief.

The video, which has been published to YouTube has been viewed over 167,000 times.

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