If you're looking for ideas to reduce your dependence on technology, celebrity life and success coach Sloan Sheridan Williams, shares her 10 life hacks...

If you’re looking for ideas to reduce your dependence on technology,Sloan Sheridan-Williams is a celebrity life coach, international speaker and author of “Slap Fear” shares her 10 life hacks…

10 ways to reduce your dependence on your phone
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It’s likely that you’re reading this piece on your phone, but are you happy with how much time you spend on the device? When technology is starting to rule your life, why not take a step back and take note of Sloan’s top 10 hints at regaining control of your life.

First step is to put your phone down, Sloan told us, “Spending time online with friends should be a last resort not your first port of call. If you want to shift your focus from unhelpful social media habits to meeting friends in the real world but don’t know where to start, here are my top ten suggestions to get out from behind your handheld device and re-connect with the people that matter.

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reducing time on your phone
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10 tips to reduce technology in your life

  1. Share a lovingly home-cooked meal or go to your favourite restaurant

  2. Get a boost of energising Vitamin D

  3. Share emotional experiences like watching a movie or sporting event.

  4. Having fun on theme park rides will help you bond with the rush of endorphins

  5. Go on a bike ride or a long walk in the park

  6. Visit a comedy club and laugh out loud

  7. Go out and dance like no-one is watching

  8. Pedalo on the Serpentine or on a nearby lake that offers similar

  9. Fly a kite

  10. Go to a Roller Disco and let your hair down.

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