gay saunas in the UK
Trust me you'll never look at a jacuzzi in the same way again.

It smells

Ah the heady mix of butt, poppers, bleach and chlorine.

Some people come for the sex, some people come for the chat

Not everyone at a bathhouse is there for sex. Okay, most are there to “get lucky” but you don’t always find what you’re looking for…

You can actually meet some life-long friends

I’ve actually come away with at least three friends from my days as a jobbing receptionist. I love these guys and always have good bants… especially when I’ve seen them get fucked and I can give them a score out of 10. (They love it!)

Sometimes we might have sex with the clients.

Not gonna lie… it happens (after the shift is over) – but don’t expect it.

The boundaries between employee and employer can become “a bit blurred”

This didn’t happen to me, but a co-worker told me on my first day how the boss had in the past stood next to him at reception, “wanking himself off”. I asked my co-worker if he was okay with that, he answered “weirder shit happens here… trust me”

shop dildos for gay sex

It so does.

shop dildos for gay sex

*The OD guy actually survived.

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