gay saunas in the UK
Trust me you'll never look at a jacuzzi in the same way again.

You really should wear flip flops

To that end, protecting your health is pretty key. Sexual health is pretty important but it isn’t just genital worts you need to look out for. No, there’s the other strain of HPV – the one that gives you verrucas. So wear flip flops.

Some guys go naked, some guys wear swimwear

It’s really up to you what you wear at a gay sauna unless of course, you are attending a specific themed evening or party. I’ve experienced guys rock up to reception wearing nothing but their birthday suit and carry out a full-on conversation, all the while pulling at their cock. Some others, I’ve seen, wear swimwear and even a t-shirt.

Everyone is given a towel, and most just wear that – and nothing else – and that’s cool with us.

You will be felt up

Sexual contact is going to happen – not only for the clients, but it’s not uncommon for employees to get unwanted sexual contact too. Yes, you will most likely get sexually assaulted and you learn quickly how to diffuse those situations and you can always kick people out. Of course, most guys get the message when you say “no”.

If you’re being sexually assaulted in a sauna, you must tell the staff as soon as possible or even call out for help.

It costs a small fortune to run

If you wonder why entry prices seem steep think about the running costs. Apart from the ever-increasing rents and rates, powering a bathhouse is really pricey and it runs, in some cases, 24 hours a day.

Actually you really have to keep the jacuzzi left on to make sure it’s hot the next morning. A typical bathhouse might have a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi all running at the same time… that’s a lot of power and the elecy ain’t cheap!

Some guys just fuck wherever

Turn a corner and you’re likely to see someone getting fucked, sucked or rimmed. It’s a little bit of a turn on, I have to admit. Guys who are having sex in the more open areas are mostly doing it for voyeuristic purposes – so enjoy the show!

Guys who close the doors on those private cabins want to be left alone. So don’t go knocking!

You might wanna bring your own towel

I’m not saying that the towels aren’t cleaned after every use – they are – and where I worked they were run with a good swig of bleach, but I’m a little bit picky about my towels – and some of the stains I’ve seen left on towels – even after they’ve been washed, makes we want to bring my own.

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Guys will take drugs

You’re really not supposed to. In fact, it’s really dangerous. The heat, the lack of hydration (guys don’t forget to drink water), the darkness – it can be quite disorientating. Poppers are fine… but anything else is really dangerous.

In fact, if you appeared to be drugged or drunk when you turn up, you’ll probably be turned away, and if you get caught doing drugs the police will be called and you will most likely get a life-time ban from the venue.

Please. Don’t. Take. Drugs because…

Someone will, at some point, need an ambulance

On my very first shift, unbeknown to me, a guy was given / or took drugs whilst on the premise and OD’d just as I was about to close out.

I found him naked, on the floor, vomiting into a bucket, while the guy who brought him there, swore that he hadn’t taken anything, but was acting really shifty.

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The guy’s eyes were like huge black saucers. As he got up, he collapsed and I had to call for an ambulance.

Trust me, you don’t want to end up in A&E on a Friday night, with a drip attached to your arm, with no clothes on having to explain where you were and what you were doing… with multiple people (or maybe you do, but trust me, the people who work at saunas really don’t want to deal with that).

The police might raid

I was told that, months before I worked at the sauna, the police targeted it for one solid week. Turning up unannounced and going through all the rooms. Apparently, they suspected that drugs were being sold at the venue and that it was being used as a place were escorts were using to see clients. The owner told me it wasn’t (on both accounts).

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