W1A roars back onto our screens with a laugh a minute. Okay, cool, yeah.

Life it seems, goes on – at a snails pace sometimes at the BBC.

BBC 2’s hit comedy, W1A triumphantly returned to our screens last night in a laugh a minute episode, which saw the ‘way ahead taskforce’ and a clueless PR, plan a visit, in the ‘Frankie Howard room’ from royalty.

An episode in which not a lot happens, which seems to be the running joke. The BBC also needs to sex up its Wimbledon offering as the corporation is in danger of losing its contract. Siobhan Sharpe the PR genius, comes up with brand hash… Mixing brand BBC with brand Wimbledon.




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“The fact is this, it needs to be better.”

Brilliantly observed we assume and expertly delivered. I laughed at least 5 times in this 1-hour mud flinging, stinging satire on what exactly is wrong with our broadcast services in the UK

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