Day: 23 December 2015

  • RECIPE | Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Cups

    Makes around 40 |  Prep 20 mins | No Cook When I think of a canapé, I immediately think of smoked salmon in some form, and my favourite form is its most simple. Blended with cream cheese, dill and lemon- really classical (and easy!), but topped with toasted pine nuts for an interesting added texture […]

  • RECIPE | Chestnut Squares

    Makes around 24 (using a roasting tin 10 x 8 inches) |  Prep 15  mins | Cook 30-35 mins No flour is used in these squares of utter indulgence. Dark chocolate & festive chestnut puree pair together to make these rich and dense squares of every chocolate fans dream. Don’t be fooled by their modest […]

  • RECIPE | Honey Mustard Frittati

    Makes 12 |  Prep 15 mins | Cook 25 mins   I use grated parsnip for a seasonal and festive flavour in these mini frittatas, which is classically delicious with the honey and mustard. If you would like to substitute the parsnip, or perhaps make more than one batch with different varieties, then think seasonal, […]

  • RECIPE | Celeriac Amaze-Puffs (topped with king prawn or wasabi peas)

    Makes 36 | Prep 30 mins | Cook 15 mins Seasonal and sensational. Puff pastry is the stage for a creamy zingy celeriac slaw topped with plump king prawn or wasabi peas as a vegetarian option. These look really pretty and paired with their deliciousness will disappear rather quickly! If you don’t want to make […]

  • RECIPE | Green Tea Chocolate Chunks

    Prep- 20 mins | Cook- 5 mins (Chill 3+ hours) with cacao nibs, goji, and poppy seeds. (Makes around 30 chunks) These bright and festively coloured chunks are heaven, and the topping is made up of an  antioxidant medley! I love the way they look and make a great dessert option as part of canapés […]

  • RECIPE | Dipped Marshmallows

    Prep 10 mins | Cook 5 mins These look great for a novelty kind of canapé and will be well received if kids are present at the party (or for those just young at heart), these could also make a little token gift as they keep and store well (think gingham lidded jars). Any freeze […]

  • RECIPE | Beetroot Ricotta Crackers

    Prep 25 mins | No Cook Enough beetroot mix for 50-60 crackers Bold (and in season) beetroot paired with mellow, sweet ricotta and maple syrup make a delicious combination in both visual and flavour. Salty & toasty black sesame crackers make a perfect podium for the shocking pink topping. If you don’t want to make […]

  • RECIPE | Cauliflower Cheese “Snowballs” with a fiery goji berry dip

    Makes 20-25 |  Prep 15 mins | Cook 30 mins Scrummy mouthfuls of mellow gruyere and cauliflower matched with a smoky, spicy tomato and goji berry dip. I serve the dip inside a red cabbage leaf as the colours really compliment each other, and it’s a cheerful way to present dips in general, I think […]

  • RECIPE | Christmas Chutney

    Prep 30 mins | Cooking time approx. 1 hour 45 mins. Whether you are looking to liven up that after dinner cheeseboard, wishing to impress at a Boxing Day buffet or wanting to give a unique, homemade gift, then a sharp, tangy chutney won’t go amiss. It may take a little time to prepare, but […]

  • Bolton Gay Community Mourns The Death Of Pride “Hero” Darren Batey, Aged 32

    Bolton Gay Community Mourns The Death Of Pride “Hero” Darren Batey, Aged 32

    A Bolton Pride hero has died at the age of 32, leaving friends and family in shock just days before Christmas.

  • Matt Dallas And Husband Adopt Gorgeous Son

    Matt Dallas and his husband Blue Hamilton have adopted a gorgeous son. The former star of Kyle XY and his musician husband Blue have adopted a son called Crow and announced the addition to their family to the world via their YouTube channel in the world’s most adorable Christmas video. The couple, who married last […]