Day: 11 January 2018

  • What happens when your boyfriend’s schlong is bigger than yours

    Is there such thing as penis envy in the gay world? It seems that penis envy between boyfriends can be a thing. One user on Reddit recently admitted that his boyfriend’s penis, although being only half an inch bigger (at 6.5 inches) than his was starting to bother him. In fact, he’s getting real anxiety […]

  • RESTAURANT REVIEW | Las Iguanas Restaurant, Royal Festival Hall

    ★★★★ | Las Iguanas (Royal Festival Hall) It’s a new year, so it’s time to try new things. And I highly recommend Las Iguanas restaurant – they’ve got a new menu, and it sits perfectly alongside their other yummy dishes and drinks. With branches practically all over London, including Spitalfields, the Brunswick Centre, Stratford, the […]

  • GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics Announces Dorian Award Film/TV Nominations for 2017

    GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics ( comprised of nearly 200 critics and journalists in the US, Canada and UK, today released its ninth annual Dorian Award nominations for the year’s finest in film and TV. Call Me By Your Name reigns with nine nominations, starting with Film of the Year. Earning both best […]

  • BIG GAY GLOSSARY | Heteronormative

    BIG GAY GLOSSARY | Heteronormative

    What does heteronormative mean? Heteronormative, or heteronormativity is a word used a lot in connection with the LGBT experience. It refers to what is normally (normative) expected from society – which is, by and large, made up of mostly heterosexuals (hetero). So when you blast those two words together you get one that describes the […]

  • BIG GAY GLOSSARY | Intersex

    BIG GAY GLOSSARY | Intersex

    What does intersex mean? Intersex stands for a sex variance between the binary of male and female, or Cisgender. Generally speaking, Cisgender people are those whose gender identity or expression conforms with their biological sex or birth sex. The Oxford Dictionary of English once determined the word Intersex to mean: the abnormal condition of being […]

  • BIG GAY GLOSSARY | Power Bottom

    BIG GAY GLOSSARY | Power Bottom

    What does power bottom mean? Power Bottoms are those who dominate in sex but are those who enjoy receiving anal sex – or someone who can power through and take the *D* for a long time. Those who like being both a top and the bottom are usually referred to as “vers” which means versatile. […]



    What does bottom mean? What or who is a Bottom in terms of gay sex? Well, it could mean a variety of things to a variety of people, but generally, the “bottom” is the guy who is the receptive partner in anal sex. Although it could be a label for someone who is more sub […]

  • BIG GAY GLOSSARY | Gloryhole

    BIG GAY GLOSSARY | Gloryhole

    What does Gloryhole mean A gloryhole is a slang term mostly used in the gay cruising world. A glory hole, simply put, is a hole in a wall, door or partition, usually in a public toilet, where a man could put his penis through in order to be relieved by whoever was the other side. […]

  • BIG GAY GLOSSARY | Pansexual

    BIG GAY GLOSSARY | Pansexual

    What does pansexual mean?   Pansexuality is described and identified as a: romantic, sexual and emotional attraction to people of any sex or gender identity. The Oxford English Dictionary describes pansexuality as: “not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.” Pansexual people may describe themselves as gender-blind, meaning that […]

  • Out YouTuber Shane Dawson accused of pedophilia

    YouTube star Shane Dawson came under fire Wednesday for alleged pedophilic comments made on a podcast several years ago, Buzzfeed reported. The backlash against Dawson was large enough to spawn …

  • Ricky Martin ties knot with partner Jwan Yosef

    Singer Ricky Martin of “Livin’ la Vida Loca” fame announced Wednesday he has married his partner of two years, Jwan Yosef. “I’m a husband,” the Puerto Rican singer told E! television without specifying the date of the wedding.