11) Spend over a hundred pounds on something you’ll never wear:

If you can this is best done in Selfridges or Harvey Nicks Sweetie.

12) Meet Jennifer Saunders and / or Joanna Lumley:

This is also best done in Selfridges or Harvey Nicks.


13) Watch ‘Abigail’s Party’:


Those who know Abigail’s Party quotes are in a special club – that knowing look, when someone asks if you want “a little top up Sue?”


14) Donate to The Peter Tatchell Foundation:

Peter Tatchell Foundation
Peter Tatchell Foundation

This man is a machine and our support is necessary, his foundation is one of the singular voices in the UK fighting for human rights.


15) Watch a lady shoot ping pong balls from her foof:

Because it’s an art form and these girls need the recognition they deserve.


16) Candle Lit Vigil:

Nothing is more humbling than standing with a silenced, peaceful vigil in the memory of someone who lost their lives because of their gender or sexuality.



17) Visit Stonewall and Christopher Street:

CREDIT: © evgeshag Depositphotos
CREDIT: © evgeshag Depositphotos

The home of ‘Pride’ the Stonewall hotel is the centrepiece of the gay area in the east village in New York City. If you’re in New York this is one place to grab a drink.


18) Chat up a pornstar:

CREDIT: Tverdokhlib / BigStock

You’ve seen them from every inch on your screen, so why not say hi when you see one in a club and see if they can also hold a conversation.


19) Karaoke in Brighton:

The gay capital of the UK holds Karaoke almost every night of the week. The small clubs and bars are a mecca for those who like to belt out a tune.


20) Visit Canal Street:

The gay street in Manchester was the setting for the hit TV show Queer as Folk. A lively place to be on the weekend whether you’re up for some food, a quiet drink or to party hard long into the night.