We’re told aren’t we about having a bucket list – those things we need to do before we die, well the team here at TheGayUK have come up with 50 Gay Things You Need To Do Before You Die.

1) Sydney Mardi Gras:

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your life isn’t complete without visiting Sydney Australia during Mardi Gras, Hot men, Dykes on Bikes, and thousands and thousands of people celebrating everything LGBT in one of the world’s biggest prides.


2) Attend a demonstration:

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Fighting for a cause can really help you get stuff into perspective. Have you been apathetic recently? Grab a placard and start chanting for equality.


3) March in a gay pride:

Nothing says “I’m Out” than marching solidarity with thousands of revellers at a gay pride.


4) Visit Castro Street:

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Some say it’s the birthplace of the new gay rights movement. Every street is etched with history.


5) Read ‘And The Band Played On’:

It’s a book often hailed as the book all gay men should read – one of the most complete works documenting the AIDS epidemic. BUY HERE


6) Have a threesome:


Just because…


7) Pose in risqué selfies:

You don’t have to upload them to the Internet, but it’s your body and you’ll never be as young as you are right now.

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8) Go to a sauna:

CREDIT: © Artmim Depositphotos
CREDIT: © Artmim Depositphotos

Just to see what there is to see…

9) Watch ‘How To Survive A Plague’:

An incredibly powerful documentary movie, documenting the struggle the gay community went through to bring an end to AIDS.



10) Watch ‘Bridegroom’:

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We’re nearly there, but equality still evades much of the world. Watch Bridegroom to see why marriage equality is so important to gay couples.



About the author: Jake Hook
The editor and chief of THEGAYUK. All in a previous life wrote and produced songs on multi-platinum records.