41) Volunteer for a gay organisation or charity:

Put something back, It’ll make you feel good!


42) Read Tales Of The City Series.



43) See Madonna In Concert.


44) Go to an Opera and sit in a box.

It’s what we were meant to do. Even if you don’t like Opera, nothing beats doing a Queeny wave to the masses from your own box.


45) History Lesson.

Spends a day on Wikipedia or at the LGBT History website and truly understand the gay movement.


46) Watch The Laramie Project.

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47) Cruise and be seen in Paris’s Top gay spot:

Les Souffleurs in the heart of Marais.


48) Watch in entirety the UK version of ‘Queer As Folk’:

and marvel at how brave the programme makers were for their day.

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49) Watch the entirety of the US version of ‘Queer As Folk’ :

and argue with zealot fans of each about the merits of both.

50) Donate to TheGayUK. Well, we would say that wouldn’t we. ∎