Are there any gay saunas in Manchester and where you can meet guys for hookups?

Manchester is one of the gayest cities in the UK, famous for its gay village, which thanks to Queer As Folk is known world-wide. There’s plenty of gay bars and restaurants, but are there any saunas?

The short answer is yes, but not as many as you’d think for a city as large as Manchester. There are a couple, notably, Basement Sauna, the other that you might consider is the Heat Sauna which is outside Manchester in Stockport, about a 30 minute drive away from the city’s centre.

Basement Sauna is located on 18 Tariff Street, just around the corner from Canal Street. Its telephone number is 0161 236 8131. Check out the latest deals and opening times on its website.

Are there any gay saunas in manchester?
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Heat Sauna is located in Stockport, 48a Churchgate, Stockport, Cheshire, SK1 1YG. Check out the latest deals and opening times on its website.


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