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The unnamed “gay footballer” has set a date for when he’s coming out

An unnamed, UK championship footballer has set a date when he plans to come out – becoming the first high profile footballer, still playing, to do so in nearly 30 years.

He’s become a bit of Twitter sensation, but the unnamed footballer, has set a date to become the first out, and still contracted, UK footballer since Justin Fashanu in 1990.


As of yet, nobody knows who the account is run by, but it is thought that the footballer is a high profile player for one of main clubs in the Championship. His account now has tens of thousands of followers.

On the 21st July the user simply tweeted, “24.07.19 🏳️‍🌈” – believed to be a signal as to when the player plans to come out officially. The account has been active for weeks, in his profile he has his description set to: “I’m a professional footballer, currently playing in The Championship. I will reveal my identity soon, but I am a PROUD gay man”.


Speaking about his decision to come out, the player said that he hopes his coming out will be a “catalyst for change”  saying, ‘I am thinking of those involved in professional football who are similarly positioned. My hope is that they can take comfort and hope from such disclosure and can feel suitably empowered to, if desirable, reach the same decision.


“I have heard from numerous people who have stated that their sexuality stopped them from being involved in football. That they didn’t believe the two could co-exist.

“I don’t want anybody in the future to feel that way, and with the work being done throughout the sport. I hope this can be the catalyst for change.’


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