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THEGAYUK conducted a flash poll of its Facebook audience to find that over a third of people, who follow THEGAYUK on that platform, said they’d vote for Boris Johnson on the back of his debate alongside Jeremy Corbyn.

Although Jeremy Corbyn was the overall preferred candidate for LGBT+ readers of THEGAYUK, over a third said that they’d vote for Conservative leader, Boris Johnson in the next general election.


Over 430 people took part in the flash poll, which offered readers just two options. Johnson Vs Corbyn.

When given a choice between just the two leaders and asked to base their decision solely on the candidate’s performance on the ITV leaders’ debate earlier this week, 66 per cent of people voted for Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, while 34 per cent would trump for Boris Johnson.

This is despite Boris Johnson’s rather chequered past on LGBT+ issues and Jeremy Corbyn’s near-perfect score on LGBT+ issues during his time as an MP.

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Who makes up THEGAYUK’s Facebook readership?

Around 88 per cent of THEGAYUK‘s Facebook followers identify as male, with 40 per cent of those being in the 25-34-year-old bracket. The majority of its audience lives in the nation’s capital, London, with Manchester as the next most popular city.

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