Reality star Austin Armacost just tweeted a picture of him with no six pack or bulge – and the internet is not sorry for him.

The normally buff Austin Armacost appeared a little less ripped yesterday when he posted a picture of himself whilst on a boat, wearing only swimming shorts. In the post, the Celebrity Big Brother star captioned that he “loved” his body, despite not having a six-pack, bulging biceps and being “a little chubby”.


Well, the internet reacted and they weren’t showing the love for Austin or the post, with some suggesting that the post was damaging to his more impressionable fan base.

The post was liked over 4,000 times, but some felt his post just didn’t hit home just right.

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During his time in Celebrity Big Brother, Austin made an impact with his muscular body and choice of clothing – or lack of!

Austin enjoying his time in the Big Brother house. He’s known for his skimpy and figure hugging attire – and spent much of his time in the BB house in various states of undress.