It's one of those questions that can totally haunt you...

Where is that totally hot guy you were sharing pics and chatting with suddenly gone? Have I been blocked on Grindr?

Chances are that he probably did… the question is can you know for sure?

Previously, a glitch in the Grindr system allowed users to find out a list of people who had blocked them using a website called

However back in 2018, Grindr patched their software to effectively block the block website!

So, no technically there is no straightforward to find out whether a guy has blocked you or not.

How can I find out if someone has blocked me on Grindr?

Have I been blocked on Grindr?
There’s no simple way to find out if you have been blocked on Grindr. However, there are a couple of ways. You do have the legal right to access all the data Grindr holds on you – you can also do a little bit of sleuthing and detective work.

However, you can always, create a new profile and see if the guy you’ve suspected of blocking you shows up when you log in with your new account. If he does, then you know he’s blocked your other account. However, it’s probably best not to get back in touch. If someone’s blocked you, reaching out to them would be against their wishes and could potentially be seen as stalking.

It’s best to just dust yourself off and move on.

Do I have the right to find out who’s blocked me on Grindr?

Technically, in the UK – Yes. When someone blocks you that data is stored (and by Grindr) by both users – the blockee and the blocker. If you’re in the UK, you still have certain rights to see the information a company holds about you, which could mean any data that is held on your profile, which is not actually viewable by you through the app’s interface.

Thanks to the Data Protection Act, if you really wanted to see what information the company holds about you, you can put in a request.

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Getting blocked on Grindr a lot?

If you’re finding that you’re getting blocked a lot there could be some dating app mistakes that you’re making. Maybe you’re sending waaaayy too many dick pics without asking first. Is your face pic a good, friendly picture or do you look like a serial killer on the prowl? Check this article out to find out about what you can do to become some class A ass on Grindr.

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