Boy George
Boy George
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The superstar, Boy George, has caused controversy with trans and non-binary advocates after suggesting that preferred pronouns should be left out of the conversation.

Boy George has lit a match under the “preferred pronoun” conversation and is currently under fire for suggesting that pronouns should be “left at the door” to further compound the issue, he went on to call it a “modern form of attention seeking”

Fans of the 80’s hitmaker told the star that he should “respect people’s preferred pronouns” while some called the singer “transphobic” for his comment.

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In response to a question about not using someone’s preferred pronouns, Boy George replied, “Thanks for that but I have eyes and can mostly describe what I see!”


Former Pink News journalist, Benjamin Butterworth responded, by tweeting, “Then we’ll stop calling you your attention-seeking identity “Boy George”, and use your real identity of George O’Dowd, convict who falsely imprisoned and beat a man with a metal chain.”

Ego Boost?

Others were quick to applaud the singer for his stance. One fan wrote, “Every venomous, deranged tweet I come across has a pronouned [sic] bio attached to it” while another added, “Pronouns are nothing more than ego boosters for people who use them”.

One user said using, “compelled pronouns was ridiculous”

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Referred to me as Napolean

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The singer then added that fans must refer to him as “Napoleon” before adding that he used the “ladies’ toilets throughout the 80s”.

What are preferred pronouns?

A preferred pronoun indicates which gender a person would like to be referred to, usually with a choice of male, female or non-binary pronouns.

Masculine pronouns are, he his and him

Feminine pronouns are she and her and hers

Non-binary pronouns are: They, Them Theirs / Zim Ze and Zis / Mx / Thon /