She had it coming… She ran into the law. Mother records brilliant Cell Block Tango parody for Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to give marriage licenses to gay men.

Kim Davis is currently serving jail time for refusing to fulfil a court-mandated requirement of her job – to give marriage licenses. The clerk claims that her religious beliefs should excuse her from serving the licenses to same-sex couples.

A mother, Lauren Mayer, AKA PsychoSuperMom’ has uploaded this amazing parody of the Chicago song Cell block Tango calling it Homophobe Tango, (she had it coming).


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Changing the words to the original she sang,

“She had it coming, she had it coming, in jail is where she’s got to stay… the law she tested, and got arrested, discrimination is not okay.”

“You know how some bigots have these annoying habits that get you down? Like the county clerk who likes to read her Bible – no, not read, THUMP.

“She was always thumping her Bible. Especially when she didn’t want to give gay couples a marriage license.

“The county said she had to, she thumped. The state told her to, she thumped. The Supreme Court said she had to! She thumped. She thumped all the way to contempt of court.”

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