One of Britain’s most touching gay movies, God’s Own Country was gutted of its sex scenes and now some people are calling on Amazon Prime to be boycotted, however, it turns out that the cuts were made by the film’s distributor, not the streaming giant.

The film’s creator Francis Lee raised the alarm on Twitter, when it was noted by reviewers on the Amazon website that some of the sex scenes had been removed.


According to one of the reviews, at least two key scenes had been cut, one which included an oral sex scene and another which included an encounter with a third person.

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Filmmaker Francis Lee initially took to Twitter to call for a boycott of Amazon Prime until he was given answers as to why the scenes were cut and that they weren’t showing the fil that he intended or made. He wrote,

Francis Lee@strawhousefilms Dear friends in USA, God’s Own Country appears to have been censored on @PrimeVideo (Amazon Prime). Until this is investigated please do not rent or buy on Amazon Prime. It is not the film I intended or made. I will report back


A few hours later he reported back, telling fans that after an investigation his film was not censored by Amazon Prime but by, he alleges, the US distributor, Samuel Goldwyn Films.

He claims that the distributor “butchered” the streaming version without consultation “to get more revenue”.

He added that Amazon Prime had been “incredibly supportive” in rectifying the issue.

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Samuel Goldwyn films are responsible for distributing hit films such as Fisherman’s Friends and Supersize Me. reached out to Samuel Goldwyn films for comment.

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