★★★★☆ | Alfa Romeo Stelvio – Alfa Romeo’s Power House

What Have We Got?

Alfa Romeo has buckled to the trend and launched a very sporty SUV into the ever popular SUV market. It’s big and rather good looking but can it wow you and win you over, away from the competition?


The downside for me was the steering lacked some feedback. You could tell when it was ploughing on in an enthusiastically taken corner but this was probably more to do with its sheer size than through the steering wheel.

That said, the overall driving experience wasn’t a bad one. Quite the opposite. The 2-litre 280hp  petrol engine would hurtle towards 60mph in 5.7 seconds. Now for a car that can manage that and develop its maximum of 400 Nm of torque at just 2250rpm, it seemed to be rather more refined than you’d think. It wasn’t really throwing you back into your seat on hard acceleration and yet it never hesitated in response to throttle inputs from stand-still or when on the move.

In actual fact, you’d be wise to select the MPH display on the fascia panel at all times. The Stelvio gathers pace quicker than it feels. 



Inside is below par for the class and the money. What was nice to see was that nothing rattled. That might sound premature when a new car is being reviewed but this Stelvio was delivered with almost 24,000 miles on the clock at the time of the test. It is just over a year old. That’s almost the equivalent or 2-3 years of motoring. Alfa Romeo hasn’t been known, in the past, for rattle free insides, well they have now. And this is a press car. They pass from journalist to journalist and they are driven hard. This is a great testament to Alfa Romeo. 

Living With It

It’s rapid and great fun to drive and deserves to wear that Alfa Romeo badge. As SUV’s go, the Stelvio cuts it in the market for being different. It might not do things as well as a Mercedes GLC but then again, for the money, the GLC isn’t going to do things that the Stelvio can do. 

For drivers alike, the Stelvio is a great car to drive. It’s comfortable and despite its size and somewhat lack of steering feel, it does give the impression it is far nimbler that on first acquaintance. 

The Verdict

It’s not the best. Then again you’re not going to regret having it parked on your driveway and an Alfa Romeo key in your pocket. There are things I’d like to see changed in line with the market leaders but then again, if it did, it wouldn’t be an Alfa Romeo! 


Linear throttle reactions

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Infotainment system

Auto box changes


Interior quality

Fuel consumption

Steering feedback

The Lowdown

Car –  Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0 Turbo 280hp Q4 Milano Edizione

Price – £ 46,865(as tested)

MPG – 40.4mpg (combined)

Power – 280hp @ 5250 rpm

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0-62mph –  5.7 seconds

Top Speed –  143 mph

Co2 – 161 (g/km)

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