Jaguar has a rich a varied history when it comes to sports cars and this year, they are celebrating 70 years of their sporting cars with the launch late in 2018 of the F-Type Chequered Flag editions, there are 3 engines 300PS 4 cylinder, 340PS V6 and the 380PS V6 that comes with RWD or AWD transmissions. All set-ups are covered in either the coupe or convertible body variants.

All models come with a host of extras over the standard R-Dynamic that they are based on. 3 colours available, Caldera red, Fuji white or Carpathian grey metallic.  

Ian Callum, Director of Design said: In creating the Chequered Flag, we’ve focused on details which enhance F-Type’s presence and the promise of performance and in doing so, made a fitting celebration of 70 years of beautiful, fast, Jaguar sports cars.

Highlights include a luxurious Windsor Leather interior featuring sports seats with embossed headrests, a dark brushed aluminium centre console trim finisher and in recognition of Jaguar’s motorsport successes, a steering wheel with discrete Chequered Flag logo and red leather band to mark the 12 o’clock position. Coupe models also come with a black contrasting roof.

Driving styles, it has to be said that the lower powered of the 3, to me at least, is the better to drive. For what it lacks in grunt measured in torque at 44Ib.ft less than the 339Ib.ft of the more powerful V6 with all-wheel drive, it makes for a more responsive car when it comes to the handling. 

On the limit, the AWD V6 weighing 125 kg more, feels the more heavy, especially at the front. The front, where you want grip and feedback from the steering. The AWD model has a tendency to plough on with some understeer if you behave stupidly or apply the power at the wrong time. There is a fine balancing act to it. It’s rewarding when you get it right. The grip of the AWD system making for quick exits out of the corners. And the growl from the V6 is intoxicating.

The 4 cylinder RWD model, lighter and less powerful, is more fun to throw around. You can have some fun playing with weight bias more towards the rear on this car. It doesn’t require much thought when putting the power down but it will still bite if you overindulge your skills.

I’ve said it again and I’ll say it now, out of the 2 bodies, the convertible wins for me. In this Chequered Flag edition, it is now a bargain £5,000 more. Not so long ago it was £10k. 

So the big question is, is the Chequered Flag edition worth the extra £6k more than the equivalent R-Dynamic models? It’s all in the little details that add up and any special edition comes with an extra premium price. It’s just that, yes, I do like it, I just wish it shouted about it a bit louder like the rally model.

Now THAT does shout out! 

The Lowdown

Car –  Jaguar F-Type Chequered Flag edition. Coupe or Convertible 300PS 4 cylinder

Price – From £62,335 (Coupe) £67,185 (Convertible)

MPG – 31 mpg – (combined)

Power – 300PS

0-62mph – 5.7 seconds

Top Speed –  155 mph

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Co2 – (g/km) 179

Car –  Jaguar F-Type Chequered Flag edition. Coupe or Convertible 340PS V6

Price – From £66,615 (Coupe) £71,465 (Convertible)

MPG – 28.3 (combined)

Power – 340PS 

0-62mph – 5.1 seconds

Top Speed –  161 mph

Co2 – 224 (g/km)

Car –  Jaguar F-Type Chequered Flag edition. Coupe or Convertible 380PS V6

Price – From £72,715 (Coupe) £77,565 (Convertible)

MPG – 26.6 mpg(combined)

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Power – 380PS 

0-62mph – 4.8 seconds

Top Speed –  171 mph

Co2 – (g/km) 223

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