"you're a nutcase, you're a complete and utter nutcase and you're dangerous as well"

During Dan Wootton‘s drive time live Talk Radio show, Labour MP, Chris Bryant called Wootton a “nutcase” and “dangerous” after Wootton said he believed in herd immunity as a way to control COVID-19.

The fiery exchange happened during Wootton’s evening show when Bryant was invited on to speak about the Welsh government’s decision to put Wales into a total lockdown for two weeks, but it soon descended into name-calling from the Labour MP for Rhondda, who branded the journalist a “nutcase”, and labelled his way of presenting radio as “tedious”. He also said that Wootton was dangerous and questioned his intelligence.

“Well you don’t seem very bright”


When Wootton asked what the Welsh government was hoping to achieve by a nationwide lockdown, Bryant retorted, “Well you don’t seem very bright” before outlining that hospitals in Wales were “rammed full”, when pushed Bryant admitted that his local ICU (Intensive Care Unit) was 75 per cent full, which according to Bryant, is double what it was in 2019.

He stated that the aim of the lockdown was to ensure that “the NHS isn’t overwhelmed”.

Herd Immunity

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However the real fireworks happened when Wootton asked about the idea of Herd Immunity, saying “You do understand that science has forever used herd immunity to deal with these corona viruses”


To which Bryant responded, “So you subscribe to herd immunity do you?”

Wootton answered, “yeah and protecting the vulnerable…”

Bryant then asked how you’d protect the vulnerable before stating, “you’re a nutcase, you’re a complete and utter nutcase and you’re dangerous as well”.

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Wootton then banished Bryant from his show.

Watch the drama unfold here:

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