Stand aside George Michael, The Janoskians might have just released the most homoerotic music video of all time for their single: LA GIRL.

Nudity, running in their tiny whities, kissing stranger men in the streets, this is no ordinary music video. No it’s a Janoskian music video. Are we surprised? Nope… After all this coming from the band that said they would top The Vamps last time we spoke. Which of course has set our imaginations wild. They said,

Beau: We’d definitely be the Man Band

Jai: Yeah 100%

Luke: We’re a bit older than them

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Jai: We know how to take control

Daniel: A bit more experience…

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LA Girl is the first video to be released off their EP ‘Would U Love Me’ which in the first 24 hours of being released this week rocketed to Number 1 on iTunes album chart. The video sees the mischief makers causing mayhem on the streets of Los Angeles. Mostly in their pants!


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