This week a reader asks whether it's okay to go to his local sauna when he's got a verruca.

This week a reader asks whether it’s okay to go to his local sauna when he’s got a verruca.

going to sauna and getting a verucca
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Dear Team,

I love going to my local gay sauna and I go every few weeks or so, the only problem is that I’ve developed a verruca. Should I stop going until it’s cleared up?




Dear Jon

Verrucas are very common indeed and caused by the HPV virus. Many people, will, at some stage develop verruca, but you shouldn’t allow it to stop you doing the things you like to do.

Unfortunately, verrucas can be very stubborn little buggers to get rid of and can take months or even years to disappear, which is a long time to be away from doing something that you love.

My suggestion is that you invest in a good remedy like Bazzuca or even see your GP if it’s worrying you too much and wear flipflops to the sauna.

Ideally, everyone should be wearing flipflops to the sauna anyway. Just so you know, the most common way for warts and veruccas to spread is by skin to skin contact – so it may be wise to keep your feet away from other people’s skin.

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So in consideration of your fellow sauna goers, don’t stop going… and wear some kind of footwear.

It might also be a good idea to wear waterproof plasters over the verruca – they are cheap to buy and now come in a variety of skin tones, so it shouldn’t draw too much attention to the area.


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