The hymen is part of the female anatomy, which can get broken when a female loses her virginity. So do males have something similar?


The hymen is a thin membrane that covers part of the external vaginal opening in females. Weirdly, it doesn’t seem to have an actual use, according to Wikipedia, that suggests, “the hymen does not seem to have a specific physiological function and has few, if any, nerve endings”

But it can cause pain when and if it’s ripped. It can be ripped by inserting a tampon, injury or by having sex – although not always. Many women complain of a sharp pain and blood spotting when the hymen is ripped, however, some women don’t feel it. It may, or may not cause bleeding when it is ripped.

So do men have a hymen?

So medically biological men (sometimes referred to as cis-gender men) don’t have a hymen – and there’s nothing that males have is biologically similar to a female’s hymen – however, if men have anal sex, or engaging in pegging, discomfort may be caused during the insertion of a penis or dildo for the first time – it may even cause a rip in the anal opening – which is why lots of lube is recommended and taking lots of time in order to have penetration.

However, trans men, those who were born with female anatomy but have transitioned to men could very well have a hymen if they haven’t had lower surgery.

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