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Buy Anal Lube

Looking to buy anal lube or lube that’s suitable for anal sex? We have a huge selection for all lubey situations.

Buy Anal Lube.

There’s a huge range to choose, from water-based to numbing. There’s flavoured and lube that give you a tingly sensation.

Water-based (best for toy play and use with condoms)

Silicon-Based (best for longer lasting play)

Oil-Based Lube (for a more intimate experience)

Numbing Lubes (best for those who want to numb the area)

Flavoured Lubes (perfect for pre-play and oral)

Feely Lubes Lubes (that give a tingle or warming sensation when applied)

Travel size Lubes (These lubes come in travel sizes of 100 ml or under – perfect for cabin baggage.

We’ve written extensively about lubes, why you should use and what’s the best lube for different activities. So if you’re looking to buy anal lube use our lube guide to find out which lube is best for what.