"This content was removed in error and has now been restored"

Facebook, which owns the Instagram platform has apologised after numerous images, which complied with its nudity policies were removed from The Naked Rugby Player’s profile.

Yesterday we reported that The Naked Rugby Players, which aims to raise awareness of male cancers and body positivity through its partnerships with LGBT+ Rugby Clubs and Balls To Cancer, had been threatened by Instagram to have its profile deleted after two pictures were uploaded to its account.


The two pictures in question featured no actual nudity and were cropped inline with Instagram’s no genital policy.

“We’re sorry for this mistake.”


Speaking to THEGAYUK.com, a spokesperson for Facebook said, “Every day we’re inspired by the millions of people using our platforms to connect with, and raise money for, meaningful causes. This content was removed in error and has now been restored. We’re sorry for this mistake.”

The Naked Rugby Players have released a calendar every year since 2018 with the aim of raising money for Balls To Cancer and LGBT+ Inclusive Rugby Clubs.


The players have managed to put together a calendar for 2021 despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. This year’s calendar is called “Unseen Bits” and features 12 never-seen-before pictures from previous photoshoots.

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