Ford put on quite a show recently to a few motoring journalists for the launch of the 2017 Mustang Convertible. Not only was there a play in the new pony car but a polo match and tuition on how to play it albeit thankfully not on the horse and a day at Goodwood festival of speed.

First up though was the excitement for the new Mustang that was then halted by the presence of a 1977 Mk2 Capri 1.6 L. Mustang does something to the inner you and l suppose if I was American it would do more but the Capri really was the car they said you’ve always promised yourself. And being British it stirred me up the wrong way. Thankfully Charlotte Ward from Ford Heritage entrusted me with the keys and I was able to satisfy those pangs with the joyous sound of a 1.6 pinto engine doing nothing but making noise when you pushed the pedal to the metal.

Noise with motion was not a problem in the new Mustang with its V8 thundering under the bonnet. Motion was there in abundance. Sometimes too much was there. Even with all the traction control, you could still have some fun. You could also turn it off too but this is really only for legends. Come to think of it there were many different setting even down to a ‘track’ setting. I kept it as it was and cruised. The roads around Goodwood are not great for sideways action. As a thundering toy, I liked what I saw.

The route took us to watch the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup polo courtesy of Guy and Charlotte from the Cowdray polo academy. As an animated fan, Guy was able to enthuse with abundance about polo, the skills needed, what made a good polo horse and the players. A gentle sport it is not and Charlotte showed off her skills at brownie making. Diet or not, I hit those hard.

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Dinner was interspersed with what can only be described as a perfect accompaniment to wine tasting five different wines and champagnes by Wiston with husband and wife team Richard and Kirsty Goring providing ample joviality per bottle per course. A lot of fun, even if we were lead down the wrong path by Richard who during the quiz asked questions he and Kirsty had not mentioned. An uproar ensued.

Sunday was filled with a trip to Goodwood. Having never been before I can only express that it is far bigger than I thought it would be and quite overwhelming. There is just so much to see both on and off the track. This was after all The Festival of Speed.

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THEGAYUK hopes to get hold of a new Mustang for further examination so watch this space and a look around the heritage fleet too.


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