French Anti-Gay Marriage Protest Group Plan To Sue Act Up

• French anti-gay marriage group plans to sue activism group Act Up after members threw red liquid at the JLF genetic research firm in south-west Paris.
• ActUp is an international ‘direct action’ advocacy group that formed in 1987.
• La Manif Pour Tous (LMPT) has staged mass protest rallies in France, but has failed to ignite interest across the world with its demonstrations.

RFI is reporting that the French organisation intends to sue advocacy group ACT UP after some of its activists threw fake blood and posted posters reading “shame” and “homophobe” on the outside of the Jérome Lejeune Foundation, which is a genetic research firm, where the president of La Manif Pour Tous, (Demo For All), Ludovine de la Rochère works as a communications manager.


In a tweet La Manif Pour Tous announced its intention to file a complaint after ‘the vandalism of @ActUpParis and one expects a strong response from the authorities.’

ActUp said it was acting in protest when LMPT allegedly called for help during a rally outside the Russian embassy in May.

In June, President Putin signed into law a bill that could see citizens promoting “non-traditional relationships” to anyone under 18 face hefty fines and prison.

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A number of boycotts and petitions have started around the world in response to the crackdown on Russia’s LGBT community.

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