It's all about the discretion.

What does it mean if someone has DL written in their dating profile?

Well, DL stands for “down-low” essentially meaning discreet. Usually, the guy with DL written on his profile probably won’t have a picture on his profile either and his profile may contain limited information about what he’s into, where he is or any other identifiable information.

There may be a number of reasons why someone is on the down-low or describes themselves as discreet and you shouldn’t always jump to conclusions about their reasons.

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They might not be out to family and friends, they may even identify as straight but like sex with guys, he may be married or have a partner, or they may even have a job which might require them to have discretion on who sees or has access to their profiles, like, for instance, a school teacher who wouldn’t want their students to see their dating profile.

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If you’re interested in why someone is discreet, then you can always ask, it could be a good conversation starter.

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