Green Party leader Natalie Bennett is to launch the Greens’ LGBT+ manifesto today at 3:30 on Old Compton Street, London’s gay centre.

Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, will be campaigning in Soho in with deputy leader Amelia Womack and leading LGBTIQ campaigner Peter Tatchell. They will talk to voters as the Green Party launches their LGBT+ manifesto.

The manifesto contains pledges to


• Review the discriminatory blood ban

• Introduce LGBTIQ-inclusive sex education

• Protect LGBTIQ asylum seekers


• Improve services for trans people

• Promote LGBTIQ rights abroad

Bennett who will be releasing the full manifesto at 3:30 is expected to say,


“The Green Party has consistently been at the forefront of pushing for LGBTIQ rights.

“We were the first UK party to support marriage equality and in parliament, Caroline has pushed for a review of the discriminatory ban on gay blood donors, wider provision of gender identity clinics and an end to the transphobic spousal veto.

“However, there is much still to be done. Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia remain too common in our society. Green MPs will work with others to ensure that LGBTIQ rights are enhanced over the course of the next parliament.”

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The Green Party is polling at record levels ahead of a General Election. Membership of the Green Party, the third largest party in England and Wales, sky-rocketed by 123% in 2014 and continues to surge in 2015. The combined membership of UK Green parties now stands at over 70,000.

The Green Party is standing candidates in over 90% of seats, meaning more people than ever before will be able to vote Green on May 7th 2015

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