Erm... we're gonna pass.

When it comes to gay sex (the penetrative kind) there’s usually just one way of saying what is it, anal. It’s simple, to the point and everyone knows what you’re talking about, but there’s now another way to refer to anal sex and that is, according to Urban Dictionary “Two Guys One Sandbox”

Insert shrug emoji.

We’re so not sure about this.

Firstly, the first rule of anal sex (okay it’s not the first – that’s lube, lube and more lube) but SAND and its introduction to you nether region is a complete no no…

Can you image sand all up in your junk? Oh. Dear. God. No. Just No.

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I mean, we get the two guys bit, but the sandbox bit, who calls their butt a sandbox?

It seems that the “Two Guys One Sandbox” entry on Urban Dictionary was created in 2016 by a user called, treezus0522, and that entry is their one and only listing. It hasn’t, not really surprisingly received too much traction.

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Probably wise.

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