It’s pretty sobering that in 2017 there are gay people who are still fearing homophobic reactions from their parents.

when should i come out to my homophobic parents
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One questioner took to Quora to ask the internet how and when they should come out to their homophobic parents.

Miles Hirson, writing on the forum said that they should wait until they are no longer financially dependent on them. This echoes the thoughts and advice of sex expert, Dan Savage, who often advises LGBT people on his weekly podcast to wait until they are able to afford their own rent, finish their education and fend for themselves without having to rely on their anti-gay parents.

Miles said,

“Don’t listen to what the liberal media tells you, use your head. Do you really need to tell your parents that you’re gay more than you need to finish school with a place to live and food to eat?

“The people on TV telling you to come out aren’t gonna be at your front door to take care of you when your family kicks you out. be rational and get real,”

It’s worth noting that in the UK, one-quarter of homeless people, on the street, are part of the LGBT+ community who have been chucked out by homophobic parents.


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Ethan Reilly Browder seconded the sobering advice, adding,

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“If coming out to someone can lead to your discomfort or can lead to you not being safe, don’t do it”.

If you’ve been thrown out by homophobic parents don’t forget you can always contact the Albert Kennedy Trust.


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