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When it comes to lube, I believe that silicone lube is king for all things anal. It’s super long-lasting, it’s less tacky than water-based, it warms to body temperature super quick and generally speaking, things (dicks) just basically slide on in. However, unlike its water-based brethren, silicone lube is a pig bastard to shift from your clothes.

I found this out the hard way last week when a small bottle I had in my pocket leaked.

I have had silicone lube stain my towels before now, but hey, towels can be hidden, or put out of guest room circulation (if you’re posh and have a guest room) but a brand-new pair of jeans… come on, I wanna wear those, plus my butt looks great in them.

Silicone lubricants are known for their long-lasting lubrication properties, resistance to water, and their ability to remain slick even under high temperatures, which can make them tricky to wash out of your clothes.

So I looked online for some answers – and website after website was telling me to buy expensive products from Amazon, left right and centre to help get a pesky silicone lube stain out of my clothes. Now, I’m not a cheapskate, but, oh okay maybe I am, but I thought I’d give a simple household product a go first and it worked!

Here’s all you need to get a pesky silicone lube stain out of your clothes.

Now all the current advice is to act quickly, but to be honest I left the stain for about 36 hours and I still managed to get the stain out, but I had to wash the jeans several times. Now, if I had acted quicker maybe this would have made the stain easier to shift that stain in just one wash.

So what magic solution do you need to remove silicone lube? All you need is some washing-up liquid, a soft cloth and some rubbing action. Yep. That’s it.

After you rubbed in a fair amount of washing-up liquid (I’d suggest enough to cover the stain) leave it for 5 minutes and then chuck it in your washing machine with the rest of your wash. I put my jeans on a 40-degree standard wash and because I was feeling swish I even put them on the drying cycle.

Give that silicone lube stain a good old rub with washing up liquid.

However, on the first attempt, the stain was not gone. It had diminished greatly, but it was still there. So I did it all over again. Put them in the wash with some more clothes and this time, did a tumble dry on low heat and the stain had completely gone.

Magic. That’s my home goddess moment done for the day. Until next time.

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