You swiped right, you've swapped messages and now you've got a date...

Here are five things you need to do to make sure your first date goes so well that you’ll be planning your second!

Drinks not dinner

It’s important that you both have a get-out clause – and just-drinks can be the perfect way to make sure you’re not locked into an entire evening – or hours of company, when you know there’s just no spark. Writing for columnist Thabian Sutherland said, “Never meet for dinner on the first date – drinks only. If you’re staring into the eyes of Ryan Gosling and your sides hurt from his witty repartee – great, go and fill ya Paul Smith dip-dyed black-leather Claude-boots. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where your date is as scintillating as Lewis Hamilton and you have to painfully watch him devour a couple of courses before you can scarper. Buy a round each, then off you toddle”

Get your first date questions right

Getting to know your new date is one of the most exciting things – and you might want to get some important compatibility issues sorted right upfront… But be careful how you phrase your questions. What you’re both into sexually is an important subject – and perhaps something you can discuss in your first meeting. Don’t let it be the first thing you lead with – but a simple, “so what are you into” at an appropriate moment could be a good starter to find out whether you’re both sexually compatible.

However, writer Dan Coleburn suggests that you don’t ask all the burning questions! He said, “Top or bottom? STD Free? Much like the politics, you have more than enough time to find out these things about one another. While the answers might sway you one way or another – I’m not going to judge what’s important to you – those issues can definitely wait a few dates”.

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Don’t forget to ask him about him

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Of course, a new person to share your thoughts and witty stories with is wonderful, but don’t forget to ask him a few questions about his life. Listen carefully and take mental notes. Maybe even follow up on some of the most interesting stories. Ask open questions, rather than simple yes or no questions. Questions that start with “why”, “how” and “what” are perfect openers… Guys love it when you remember something they tell you from your first ever date and drop it into the conversation. It shows you were listening!

Don’t bring friends along…

I mean why would you… Of course, you should let someone know where you’re going and what time you expect to be back, but don’t take someone along with you. Writer Lewis Fellows shared with us, “THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENS. Don’t do it. This isn’t a sort of gay Sex and the City and chances are it’s not going to work… at all. I can imagine nothing worse than trying to impress a group of people that are almost always going to be against you. (Nobody is good enough for THEIR friend)”

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Make a great first impression

It’s so important to make a great first impression. Dan Coleburn tells us, “Put away that ancient Tee and actually button up to be remembered. The right guy’s going to be worth that extra effort. Iron that shirt, polish the shoes, and don’t forget to run a brush through that hair, it’ll be worth it in the long run.”

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