What is Zombie-ing
Oh what the dear fuckery is zombie-ing and why you need this heads up.

So we know about ghosting and we know how to spot a fuckboy, what happens when you put the two together, well, you get something truly hellish. Welcome to Zombie-ing.

Ghosting is where a guy you’ve been chatting to on an app, or even have hooked up with, simply doesn’t return your messages or calls. Not even a tag… After a while, you think to yourself, ‘hmm, okay, it’s done and dusted, it’s time to move on’ – good for you, but with Zombie-ing that bastard, comes back to life, without warning and starts sliding into your DMs, phoning, texting, or Grindr messages you like he was never away.

There you are, watching the latest series of The Crown, yep, we see you Crown Queens, on Netflix, when ping, a DM comes in from a guy you hooked up with before the Coronavirus stopped our collective dating / hook up life back in March… Except as soon as lockdown came into force, he stopped messaging you completely. Yep, he ghosted you. Now months on. He’s back. Like a zombie out of The Walking Dead and he’s wanting your boy brains (okay that metaphor doesn’t work).

So what’s the difference between a Ghost and a Zombie?

What is Zombie-ing
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Well, according to Cosmo a Zombie is kind of like an upgrade (or actual downgrade depending on your view) from a ghost. Gabi Conti writes, “Ghosting is when someone vanishes and you never hear from them. A true ghost will never reach out to you again in any form. If they do, then congrats: Your ghost has just upgraded themselves into a zombie.”

Why are guys Zombie-ing?

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Well, we going out on a limb here and going to say that Zombie-ing is happening because he’s bored AF or has run out of other guys willing to put up with his shit. With lockdowns in place all over the world, guys will be finding willing sex partners limiting, so maybe he’s going back over his old flings and seeing who will reconnect.

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So should you reconnect with a Zombie?

Well, man, that’s totally up to you, but first, what are you going to get out of this reconnection? You really gotta put yourself first. Even if the D was really, really good.

You should consider what happened in your relationship before he first ghosted you and then remember how pissed you were with him when he did that. Remember that? Yeah, so not cool.

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Remember apologies are just words and its actions that really speak, so if he really wants to get back in your good books, make him prove it.

If you’re cool with just a hookup or a booty call (once lockdown is over) then go for it, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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