Meat Magazine is set to close in the new year.

On its tenth anniversary, Meat Magazine will be printing its last editions in 2020. The magazine which has been in print for 10 years has been self-produced and funded by its photographer, Adrian Lourie.


In a statement from the company, Adrian wrote that the decision to end Meat‘s print run was a “tough call” and that he had been “overwhelmed” by the supportive messages he had received.

Challenging expectations from gay media

In 10 years the magazine produced 39 issues and has really challenged expectations for a gay pin-up magazine. The magazine featured models of all shapes, ages, sizes and ethnicities and was championed by its fanbase, which had grown substantially on Instagram.

Speaking to THEGAYUK in 2018 just after pictures had been removed by Instagram, Adrian said, “Meat‘s mission is to champion body positivity amongst gay men, in a community where many often feel sidelined by ‘stereotypical’ male beauty standards. The zine allows our followers and fans to celebrate and own their unique beauty, no matter their age, race, body shape or type.”


Unfortunately, Meat found itself deleted from Instagram several times after falling foul of the platform’s community guidelines.

Meat‘s first Instagram account had amassed over 15,000 fans when it was erased by the Facebook-owned company and the second account had 4000 fans.

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Exciting ideas for 2020

Adrian wrote that there were “other projects and opportunities to explore” and that there were “exciting ideas” lined up for 2020.

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