“A parody of what real woman is, like blackface”

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Sharron Davies is taking heat on social media after likening drag to blackface. The former athlete, taking to Twitter, asked if anyone else was fed up of drag shows before stating that drag was a “parody of a real woman” before likening it to the wholly unacceptable practice of blackface.

Her tweet quickly found Davies ratio’d as nearly 1600 people took to comment on the tweet, while the tweet received only 360 retweets.

The majority of the tweets were negative towards Davies’ comments, with many criticising her “stereotyping of women” and ‘narrow mindedness”.

The 57-year-old then reeled off a list of what “real women” do including, juggling kids, cooking wholesome food, doing the laundry and other house chores. She also included “holding down a job” dealing with period pains and “leaky boobs” from breastfeeding.

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She finished her tweet by telling drag queens to stop with the stereotypes.


“Strong women aren’t threatened by drag queens”

Michelle Visage
CREDIT: Michelle Visage/Instagram

Michelle Visage, judge of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the only Drag show currently broadcasting on mainstream media in the UK (and even then it’s on the digital-only platform BBC 3) hit back at the MBE saying, “or you can see it for what drag actually is, a celebration and homage of all things feminine.

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“Strong women aren’t threatened by drag queens but rather empowered by their chutzpah”.

Michelle then added that she had “officially muted” Davies.

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