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WTF Wyoming? WTF!

The US election has been startling and gripping to watch in equal measure. There’s no doubt that the Trump presidency has been truly divisive and many minorities including, POC and LGBT+ folks have been poorly treated by his administration.

The 2020 Presidential election turn out has been huge and the fallout from the result will sure to be grim for some places in the US.

But we’ve done some research on in which States Donald Trump and the Republican party got the most votes and because of that party’s policies towards women’s rights, LGBT+ folk and well and the out and out racism that Trump’s administration has fueled in America in last four years, you might want to stay clear of these States, which voted Trump in large numbers.

For reference, if a state voted in the majority for the Republicans, but didn’t pass 54% (such as Texas, Florida and Iowa) we excluded them from this list.

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Trump 70% (193,454)

West Virginia

Trump 69% (539,610)

North Dakota

Trump 65% (234,845)


Trump 65% (1,018,870)


Trump 64% (554,019


Trump 63% (754, 987)


Trump 63% (1,315,457


Trump 62% (1,430,589)

South Dakota

Trump 62% (261,019)


Trump 61% (1,949,209)

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Trump 59% (655,914)


Trump 59% (544,120)


Trump 59% (638,258)


Trump 58% (1,652,379)


Trump 58% (1,255,481)


Trump 57% (744,904)


Trump 57% (1,711,848)


Trump 57% (340,635 votes)

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South Carolina

Trump 55% (1,360,343)

Now, this is not to say that people who live in these states are themselves racist, homophobic or misogynistic… we’d never make that claim, but WTF Wyoming… 70 per cent?

Now for balance, is Joe Biden pro-gay?

Is Biden the knight in shining armour that people are hoping?

Joe Biden didn’t always support LGBT+ rights. In fact, his stance on same-sex marriage in 2012, was a turn-a-round moment for him. after he voted against it in 2006. In 2004 he voted to cut off federal funds to schools that taught the acceptance of homosexuality.

However, if words and his recent actions are to be believed, then Biden’s evolution could see him become the most pro-equality President the US has ever seen. He’s seemingly an equal opportunist, having place Kamala Harris has his Vice President running mate.

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