India Willoughby’s frank and honest chat about what “transgender” means might cause offence to some in the LGBT+ community.

It didn’t take long for Celebrity Big Brother star India Willoughby to talk about what being transgender means to her. The star who became the UK’s first openly transgender newsreader was talking to Whistle-blower Maggie Oliver on why she doesn’t have many fans in the transgender community.

India and Maggie were talking, when Maggie remarked that she thought that India was brave in her transition and that she would be a great advocate for others who want to transition, but India didn’t think she was.

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Speaking from her bed, India said, “A lot of transgender people don’t like me though, because of the LGBT thing and pointing out the differences… It’s because transgender now, they include drag queens. With people like me, it’s not a part-time thing and it’s not a really a choice. I hated being trans. It was horrible. For other people under than word, what is now transgender it can mean anything from RuPaul to somebody who is Bob on Monday and Barbara on Tuesday. I feel that soft of cheapens the seriousness…”.

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