“Apology not accepted”

India Willoughby, 52, has taken a firm stance on misgendering while in the Celebrity Big Brother house and has refused to accept the apology of 82-year-old veteran actor Amanda Barrie.

In the lead up to India not accepting Corrie legend Amanda Barrie’s apology, Amanda misgendered India twice. India accused Amanda of misgendering her – and noted that the second time that Amanda chuckled about it afterwards.

Since being in the house, India has talked openly and frequently about her transition and being transgender. She took a swipe at those who identify as non-binary saying that she considered people who were “Bob on Monday and Barbara on Tuesday” cheapened the transgender experience.

Ann Widdecombe, Rachel Johnson and Amanda Barrie all misgendered the newscaster.

Not accepting

Amanda later sought out India who was sitting alone in the garden. When Amanda apologised for the incident, India refused to accept the apology saying “Apology not accepted”.

Her refusal to accept and move on from Amanda’s mistake was met with anger from some viewers on Twitter, who suggested that India needed to let the issue go.


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